Live Better.

Sell Better

You have to be better, if you want your results to be better. 

Stress, fear, and lack of confidence is making you a worse sales person & killing you... literally. With all the info out there on how to close, prospect, and negotiate, no one is focusing on the things that aren't taught. How to build confidence, how to deal with the ups and downs of sales, how to get over the paralyzing fear we've all felt. That's what LiveBetterSellBetter is here to do.

Sales Is Stressful

Quotas, activity expectations,  the emotional roller coaster of sales is non stop. You never really know how things will play out, and that doubt is incredibly stressful.

Rejection Hurts

The non stop rejection from sales can take it's toll. In fact it is the number 1 reason many sales people eventually get out.

Fear of Failure

What if you don't close? What if you miss your quota? What if you don't hear back from your prospect? The fear of failure can be paralyzing.  

Constant Pressure

Sales is only getting harder. If you don't improve, you won't be able to keep up. The pressure to perform and win is at an all time high. 

No Fluff. This Sh*t Is Backed By Science

This isn't about fluffy, feel good, manifest it at it will come true type advice. By going thru the LiveBetterSellBetter program you'll learn proven scientific techniques that can help you get...

37% More Sales

From the book "The Happiness Advantage" a study showed that positive minded sales reps outsold their negative or neutral minded reps by 37%. That's big time commission differences there!

33% more Successful

 A 2015 study by Gail Matthews showed that when people wrote down their goals they were 33% more successful than those that just formulated outcomes in their heads.  

12% More Productive

Happier people get more done every single day. A study was also done that employees that meditated regularly got an extra 1-2 hours of work done per week!

Be A Better Leader

According to Harvard Business Review, meditation can put you in the right mindset for delivering an important critical presentation, running a demanding contentious meeting, or making high-stakes strategic decisions.

32% Less Stress.

A 2018 study showed that after just 8 weeks of mindfulness and meditation that workers reduced the feeling stress by a whopping 46%

Creative Problem Solving

Studies show that meditators have a a thicker corpus callosum, the part of the brain that connects the 2 sides. In a nutshell this lets your brain leverage ALL it can when trying to solve problems. Using both the logical and creative side at the same time. You can literally change the structure of your brain. 

There is a Formula to SUCCESS

It's so easy to get into a negative, dark, or fearful mindset in sales. With non stop pressure, rejections and need to perform at a high level, many reps lose control of the most important key to success which is your mindset. But you've also never been taught how to do it!


Recent advances in neuro science have revolutionized the way that we think about the mind. It is not incredibly clear and proven that developing the right type of mindset has almost as big of an impact on success than anything else. The ability to solve problems, stay present, and dismiss negative thoughts will allow you to take your happiness and career to a whole new level. 

Learn From The MASTERS

Success has been studies for centuries, and all that wisdom has been put into books, seminars, and stories told for ages. The LiveBetterSellBetter program is pulling from well over 100 different books and studies on the true science of success. From mindset to skill set, you'll learn the true science backed techniques and strategies needed to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. 


You'll be learning from the likes of Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, and so many others that have been studying success for decades. You'll get it all in under 6 weeks. PLUS insights from industry leading sales experts. 

The LIVE Better SELL Better Program  

The LiveBetter Sell Program membership is designed to help every sales person, whether you are a brand new SDR, a veteran enterprise sales rep, or a leader of sales people that wants better results, the program will teach you the the latest scientific methods tied to success, happiness, influence, and sales.


The program pulls from 100s books, courses, studies and seminars on success, mindset, productivity and sales. Each module will have videos, presentations, cheat sheets, and exercises to make sure you're making progress.


Master Your Mind for Unshakeable Confidence

Your mindset is everything. In this module you'll learn to take control. How to become more present, more mindful, happier, and calm under pressure. You'll feel your stress melting away and gain clarity you never had before.


Set and Achieve Record Breaking Goals

Most people don't even have goals, let alone the right type. Learn the difference between product goals and process goals, why big goals might be hurting your success, and how to achieve all your goals in record time. 


Double Your Production. Double your Pay Check

Learn faster, Execute faster, Build and break habits faster. Get more done, but effortlessly. You don't have to run yourself into the ground or work 14hrs a day. Truly learn how to work SMARTER, not harder. 


Influence Mastery

Learn to understand the buyer better than they understand themselves. Make them thinking saying yes was THEIR idea. Leveraging the latest in neuroscience and studies on influence. This will change your sales life forever. Few ever learn these tactics, even fewer put them into practice. 


Handle Objections Without Flinching

Most people accomplish maybe 1/3 of what they actually could each day. This module will teach you how to prioritize, eliminate distractions, and get more done in less time. Work hard AND Smart.


Close More Deals and Book More Meetings Without Being Pushy or Salesy

All comes together here. You have the mindset. You have your goals. You're getting more done in less time. You understand influence and your buyer. Time to cash some checks! Learn to book more meetings and close more meetings like clock work. 

The Old Way Is Dead.  Use The Latest Science of Success to Dramatically Improve your Life, Sales and  Paychecks


Kevin Dorsey

Award Winning Sales Leader, Coach, & Teacher

I got tired from hearing from 100s of reps every month complaining about lack of training, no support, stressing, burning out, just the worst. 


So I decided to do something about it. 


I believe in focusing on the "person" in "sales person" As I've grown as a leader I have a better understanding of what truly drives behavior, motivation, and long term success. If we can make better people, then better sales will follow.

I want to share all the best practices that I have learned from 100s of books, mentors, seminars, and working with 1000s of sales reps across the country. 


I am here for you and hope you'll let me be your guide, mentor, and coach as you go on your own personal success journey. 


What you think you become. 

What you feel you attract.

What you imagine you create.


The Buddha

One of the original "Thought Leaders"

Additional MEMBERSHIP Benefits and Bonuses

The LiveBetterSellBetter Membership is more than just the 6 module course. We are going above and beyond to help as many sales people as we can become the best versions of themselves. Check out all the additional benefits you get as an exclusive (we only open up memberships 3x a year) member of the tribe. 

  • Sales Success Journal

    A structured daily & weekly journal template to help you achieve your quota, goals, & dreams.

  • Tribal Challenges

    You'll be a part of something bigger, a true tribe that is here for you and support you.  We will challenge you monthly to achieve more and win big prizes. Books, swag, even event tickets. 

  • Podcast & Book Summaries

    We'll share the best pieces of advice from todays top sales & mindset books, podcasts, and videos. 

  • Monthly Newsletter

    Monthly tips, tricks, brain hacks and more. You'll constantly be getting the cutting edge information on success and sales. 

  • Ask The Experts

    You actually get to ask the experts! We crowdsource our questions from our members, and have monthly live webinars where you get to ask the questions that YOU want the answers to. 

  • Mindful Mondays & 6 Figure Saturdays

    2 member exclusive videos and live webinars per week meant to help inspire, educate, elevate your mind and prime you for success! 

A New Way to Live. A New Way to Sell. 

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Good sales people ask good questions. Here are the answers to the most common ones we get. But don't over think it and get in your own way as people all too often do. 

Is There a Long Term Commitment ?

What does "mindfulness" mean?

Do I need to chant/do anything ridiculous?

What if I don't like it?

This Sounds Fluffy... Prove it!

How much does it cost?

Who is this NOT for?

When can I join?

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

We're not here to take your money, in fact we're here to help you make more money instead.  If after the first 30 days, you've completed the worksheets (shocker you need to put in the work) & you don't think the course, newsletter, videos, bonuses and everything else aren't worth the price... You can let us know and we'll refund you 100%. We want people that want to be a part of this tribe.


LiveBetterSellBetter was created to help sales people be better people, which we firmly believe leads to better sales too. From mindset, goal setting, and the science of success, we are here to elevate the entire sales industry one rep and one mind at a time.

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